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During 1991, the Misitry of Health revealed that there were 811,000 hospitals for health care. But abreak up shows that in the same year Uttar Pradesh there were 735 hospitals for 139 million people, in Kerala, 29 million people had 2,053 hospitals available for them.

But despite the public statistics, private studies revealed that in 1992, India had a total of  7,300 hospitals only. Twenty two such centres were under scrutiny and 1300 hospitals lacked medical facilities. The change in lifestyle and increase in income has led to opening up of hospitals on profit basis which has further increased the gap between the ones who can afford the medical facilities and those who can not (Bhargava et al, 2001, pp 18-20).

By 1980, there were 128 medical colleges and by 1987 these colleges had 14,166 students but the data showed 320,000 registered medical practitioners and 219,300 registered nurses. This major problemfurther accentuated with the fact that inurban and in rural areas people preferred services of a private physician than go for a free treatment at any public health care centre (Bhargava et al, 2001, pp 18-20).

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Essay: Ministry of Health of India
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