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Coca Cola is one such company that could not manage its multicultural teams effectively as a result three to four black former or current employees filed a class action suit against the company for getting less pay, limited opportunities to grow within the firm and existence of discriminating policies (Coca Cola sued for discrimination, 1999).

Another example of An American Manager who was leading the US and Japanese customer data system was managing a team of Japanese members. This is a classic example of miscommunication. In Japan people talk and discuss a matter then take a break before commencing talk over the issue since their major goal is to maintain peace within the organization thus they are excellent listeners but that does not mean they agree with person talking. When agreement was reached the American manager spotted certain flaws in the system and emailed them directly to the American boss and Japanese members. The members were embarrassed since they believed in discussing the problems before informing the administration in order to save face. As a result the Japanese members did not react favorably in fact they isolated the manager by shifting her office to the storage room thus they physically and mentally isolated her (Bret et al; 2006).

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Essay: Miscommunication in Multicultural Teams
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