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Another example of a Latin American member of a multicultural consultant complained that the language barrier always kept her behind because often she could not express what she is trying to convey and the other team members with a command over English language would always lead the discussion which was demotivating for her (Bret et al; 2006).

Similarly, a Mexican Manager working in an American company with American members found herself in a bad position. In Mexico its polite to be humble to whatever any person says and they are supposed to put everything in the form of an open ended question in order to convey their idea thus this norm worked against the Mexican Manager since the American managers thought she was incapable and a bad manager (Bret et al; 2006).

An American member of a multicultural team from an organization narrated the conflict between two managers one was a Greek woman and the other was a Polish man. Both of them never reached an agreement over anything as a result the Greek manager resigned from the organization and dissatisfied employees spread negative word of mouth which can be damaging to the organization’s image (Bret et al; 2006).

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Essay: Multicultural Teams
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