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Nutritional education also increases the level of awareness amongst individuals and results in better choice of food items. Diets with low glycemic index are not recommended. Diets and dairy products rich in calcium should also be incorporated in the diet to reduce weight as low calcium diets have been associated with weight gain ((ADA), May 2006).

It is also suggested that diets low in carbohydrates result in more significant weight loss compared to those with low calories although the evidence available in the favour of this recommendation is limited ((ADA), May 2006).

Weight management programs should include a component of physical activity and exercise of at least 30 minutes or more. The behavioral therapy should include stress management, problem solving and self monitoring strategies. FDA approved weight loss medications can also be used in selective obese individuals to achieve the goals ascertained. Bariatric or weight loss surgery is advised for those individuals who do not achieve the targeted weight loss after implementation of above mentioned strategies ((ADA), May 2006).

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Essay: Nutritional Education
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