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Team building and delegation are important aspects of a good structure of any organization. Teams have proved to be beneficial for most of the companies and it’s the very successful companies like General Motors, Xerox, HP etc that have served as good examples of team building and delegation. Teams have gained importance lately because they are considered to be a means of fostering innovation in the company. Since many intelligent brains working together for the organization will logically prove to be better than a single person at work.

Teams have also been considered to be a means of good quality work and also to facilitate successful implementation of change throughout the organization. According to one research 80 percent of organizations with 100 or more employees are using teams and 50 percent of employees in such organizations are part of at least one team. Two types of teams have proved to be better and these include entrepreneurial teams and self managing teams. Entrepreneurial teams include people from diverse backgrounds and they are brought together to implement innovative ideas. On the other hand self managing teams are given responsibility for one task area and they are not monitored in any way plus they have authority and control. Delegation is important for the success of an organization since an employee shall be motivated to work only when he or she has the responsibility but also the authority that is the right to make decisions and also accountability that is to be answerable for ones actions. Responsibility without authority is demotivating since the employee feels powerless and demotivated plus accountability is important to keep all employees on the right track. I being the employee of GE Factory in which is originally established in Puerto Rico feel teams and delegation are essential for an organization because being an employee I have realized the importance of teams since working with a group of people is always beneficial whereas delegation is essential because some sort of authority is essential for an employee to work and be motivated to work better (Reich, 1987).

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Essay: Organizational Behavior
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