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The unique aspect in the program at this factory is the institutionalized perpetual learning which has been referred to above that this factory has perpetual learning teams. Theory has been used in a way that a new type of system has been implemented which has proven results of increase in productivity. According to these teams the hourly workers change jobs every 6 months thus rotating through the four main work areas. In this way, the workers learn how their jobs affect every operation in the plant. To encourage the continual learning process the firm pays workers for their skills, knowledge and business performance.

After each 6 months rotation each employee receives a 25 percent an hour raise in their pay which keeps them motivated as a result. This way the organization has succeeded in assting their employees learn and grown personally plus involving them in each operation makes them realize the importance of each task due to which they feel responsible and thus they are motivated to perform even better. After the 6 month rotation the employees can also choose a “major” in subjects such as machine maintenance or quality control and when they complete the program their pay is doubled. The employees are also given an opportunity to go for courses in English, business practices etc and when they pass these courses the employees get additional pay. Along with such opportunities that help employees grown personally, full attendance, extraordinary plant wide performance are rewarded with bonuses up to $225 or more each quarter of the year. Promotions and layoffs are purely based on performance and ability not seniority which keeps all employees motivated. This further motivates employees to achieve higher skill levels. This method of team building has proved to be extremely beneficial for the organization.

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Essay: Perpetual Learning Teams
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