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Depression can also have a lot of physical symptoms like disturbed sleep, insomnia, decreased appetite, weight loss, amenorrhea and loss of libido. Depressed patients feel sleepy and exhausted throughout the day even when they have adequate sleep and suffer from inability to concentrate of their work. They do not involve themselves in social gatherings and prefer staying alone. They do not enjoy activities they once enjoyed and do not have similar emotional feelings as before (DSM-IV).

Depression can be associated with manic symptoms like elation, feelings of grandiosity and excessive energy. The manic episode then changes the disease diagnosis to bipolar disorder instead of unipolar depression. Depression can also be associated with psychotic features like hallucinations and delusions (delusions of persecution, delusions of reference, etc.).

There are many different types of depression. A major depressive disorder is a severe form of depression which leads to social and functional impairment. All the symptoms of depression are exaggerated and suicidal ideations and psychotic features are common. This is the most disabling form of depression.

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Essay: Physical Symptoms of Depression
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