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In corporations, two pertaining technologies are sustaining and disruptive technologies. Sustaining technologies are regular advancements in management and production procedures, large businesses are proficient at rotating maintaining expertise trials into accomplishment of their set goals.. But large corporations face difficulties considering  disruptive technologies. They are defined as  those” innovations whose outcome  are worst products or services, in near future, they are cheaper, easier, lesser, and, often, more befitting to use” (Sheryl 1986: 25) . They happen less often, but when they are in use, they can origin the malfunction of highly thriving businesses that are based on maintaining technologies.

As disruptive technologies origin difficulties, large businesses select to ignore them until and unless they become more appealing for profits. Although, they surpass normal technologies in  persuading demands at fewer expenses, so large business which ignored them in the beginning, they left behind in competition. The possible reasons are

  • Obstacles to discovery which made it difficult to finance the new ideas.
  • Rigid policies and bureaucratic organizational structure
  •   Large base of stake holders increases accountability to the management actions.
  • Emphasis on provisions of better products and services to consumers.
  • Barriers of location and available resources.

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Essay: Problems Created By Disruptive Technology
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