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The pros of multicultural teams have been discussed as follows (Adler, 2002):

  1. Multicultural teams encourage creativity since different people from different backgrounds come up with numerous ideas and coming from broader perspectives obviously. Heterogeneous teams have less groupthink and different perspectives and thinking patterns churn a great amount of creative ideas.
  2. Multicultural teams creates an environment where listening and understanding others becomes a necessity in order to respect each other and maintain group synergy. Such teams have different people presenting their ideas and the others listen carefully making the member’s good listeners. Different people have different perspectives that have to be respected and considered. Since people are from different backgrounds the same things might have a different meaning to some which needs to be taken care of in a way that the intended meaning is specified primarily. Different perspectives might result in arguments but only if they remain healthy for the cohesiveness of the team otherwise it has to be dealt with. Thus, the members learn to respect each other and consider each other’s perspectives.
  3. Creativity receives a boost in a multicultural team and creativity gives a boost to problem solving and generation of new solutions. Different perspectives can help achieve better definition of problems and generation of new plus unique solutions. Better and more alternatives are derived that lead to better problem solving and decision making in organizations.
  4. Multicultural teams are more productive since creativity, problem solving, cohesiveness and alternatives for a solution are all derived as benefits of multicultural teams (Benefits of Multicultural Teams, 2009).

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Essay: Pros of Multicultural Teams
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