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The theorists supporting negative liberty believe there is no relation whatsoever between freedom and desire because one is free if there are no external constraints. But Hobbes and Lockes have a different stance to negative liberty. They believe that authority isessential for any society otherwise infringements of rights might occur causing a chaos. Hobbes was more strict regarding the matter proposing the ideal that authority is a must to control the wild and savage impulses in man whereas, Locke believed humans are good rather than wicked and therefore, individual liberty can exist.

But if freedom meant being free of one’s desires as supporters for positive liberty argue than supporters for negative liberty are right in stating that in such case being free will mean by simply being satisfied with one’s situation as well. Therefore, a slave content with his situation will be termed free which is not true. Often freedom is considered interchangeable with happiness which is not true because a free person can be unhappy whereas, a happy person might not neccearily be free. Therefore, yet again it depends on situations and theschoolofthought a person is folliwng that determines the value of positive or negative liberty (Hobbes, Thomas, 1651).

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Essay: Relation between Freewill and Desire
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