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The rapidly changing business and political environment is affecting substantially on traditional strategy of airport operations. The transformation from a traditional logistics medium to diversification in holistic services is very prominent in this industry. Auckland International Airport (AIA) should also diversify its value propositions to diverse consumers and adopt strategic measures to differentiate from others in the same category.

Service Concept

Service concept is the collection of products and services offered to the consumer and their comparative significance to the system.  To understand service concept, management think from the consumer frame of reference and their perceptions to the service provided by the company.

The service package contains substantive and peripheral elements, i.e. the main and support services provided at the airport. The service concept of AIA should posses the following attributes:

  • Comparatively inexpensive service charges to the passengers and airlines.
  • Swift and courteous treatment from the staff.
  • Consistency of operations and policies.
  • Preservation of hygienic and congenial environment. environment
  • Proactive behavior of management.

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Essay: Revised Service Model
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