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In 1689, John Locke published what proved to be, a valuable document for the American Revolution which came to be known as the Second Treatise of Government. In his document he creates a model of ideal government that ensures the “natural rights” of the people. Natural rights include rights to life, liberty and property.

This government also can be dissolved when it is believed by the people that it cannot function properly and perform its duty. Locke’s model of government is based on his idea of the “state of nature”: perfect freedom. The idea infers that all men will govern themselves accordingly; however chaos and anarchy will result from this. Therefore men need to forfeit their individual right to govern themselves and instead create a “social contract” among themselves. This “social contract” means that a political society shall be formed. The social contract is binding between the government and the governed in which the governed agree to sacrifice their individual political power and obey laws, while the government agrees to provide protection of property and enforce laws that promote the common good. In the case that government is unable to fulfill its duty to the people then the people have the right to over throw the government (Moseley, 2006). Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence was highly influenced by Locke’s ideas as demonstrated in this section of Declaration of Independence

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Essay: Second Treatise of Government
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