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HR is an emerging field that has yet to find its respectable place in the business world. Having promoted to an HR executive position from a different department within the organization can still surprisingly jounce an employee. HR was not considered to be a respectable division within an organization and the importance of this division was unknown to many organizations.

Business-savvy HR executives are comparatively a newer concept due to which organizations that have now realized the importance of HR have no choice but to promote managers from other departments such as operations or finance etc to occupy important HR positions. HR is important for organizations since it deals with people and when the most vital asset of an organization that is people are not satisfied the productivity per worker goes down automatically. Companies that have placed HR executives from different divisions have to face much resistance from other employees. These newly placed executives themselves know less about HR and they have yet to learn about the subject. The article gives the example of Church who was placed as an HR executive in Avnet and he knew little about HR himself. He involved his team in all decisions and empowered them. This motivated them and helped them realize their importance. He had a very open and positive attitude if he did not know about something he always promised to learn more about it. Now he is thorough professional in the field since he measures overall turnover, performance turnover and HR expenses as a percentage of profits and costs. Similarly, Hoffman was made chief people’s officer in Mapics and she had a similar attitude. Overall, the article aims to convince the reader that HR is important and essential since it helps to manage people and have good recruiting, compensation, performance management, training and development and succession planning strategies that enable a company to increase gross profits per employee tremendously.

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Essay: Significance of HR
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