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In short, if proper interventions are introduced for spiritual assessment of HIV patients, their overall functioning will improve. When nurses will build a strong trustful relationship with them, they will learn to overcome their negative and pessimistic feelings by the hope built by the nurses (Kaldjian, 1998).

They will start believing in relationships and this will also strengthen their relationship with God which might be weakened due to the serious disease. Due to continuous interaction and counseling by the nurses, patients start looking in new directions and get the courage to face their disease and complications without fear. They spend their lives in peace and love as their distress is relieved and concerns are alleviated by this nurse-patient relationship.

To make spiritual care effective, new educational programs should be introduced, nurse to patient ratio should be increased, focused teams should be made, strategies to improve critical and palliative care should be introduced and more research should be done in this area.

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Essay: Spiritual Assessment of HIV Patients
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