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Spiritual care is now recognized as a part of nursing practice but has never been given due importance. There are several reasons behind this neglect (Ross, 2006). Firstly, spiritually has not been well defined and the concept regarding the spiritual needs is still unclear amongst nurses. Nurses also tend to underestimate the spiritual needs of the patients. There is lack of time to address spiritual needs in detail.

Nurses also lack the required knowledge to address the demands of the patients and the circumstances in the hospital or clinic might be an obstacle in developing a good nurse-patient relationship. Nurses might feel that they are not capable of delivering spiritual care to critical patients and might not be satisfied with their work. Many organizational systems do not support spiritual care and they lack the resources required. The main problem is that very few studies have been carried out in this area and limited literature exists (Baldachhino, 2003).

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Essay: Spiritual Care
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