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Entrepreneurial activities and practices in corporations have been termed as business entrepreneurship. Distribution and acceptance of business entrepreneurship by persons inside these business organizations has optimistically influenced business performance.

When business entrepreneurship is connected to expanded development and expanded profitability, is tremendous for business growth (Camille 1994:123). Howard (1998)explains  that “Corporate entrepreneurship”, a method through which persons in a recognized company chase entrepreneurial possibilities to invent without considering  the grade and environment of actually accessible resources (p. 10).

An entrepreneur utilizes own resources, takes risk, and avails the available opportunities, to start up a business venture. Start up entrepreneurs and corporate entrepreneurs share many common characteristics like elevated vigor, ingenuity, and risk taking. On the other hand, a successful corporate entrepreneur requires having supplementary skills of being flexible, insightful, sensible, and having a large network.

Entrepreneurs conceive new things, advance a service or work method, added value, and proactive in their operations and dealings. Corporate entrepreneurs guide and manage their co-workers so that they can understand the concepts of business procedures, and flow of work through the organization. They also seek right affiliations to assist the market in an exclusive and improved approach.

Entrepreneurs use most of their time arranging funds for their ventures. Corporate Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are using influence of their networking outside the corporation, to settle big finances for their mega projects. Also, they are managing their operations by conceiving the surroundings, supplying the encouragements, for entrepreneurship activities inside their living enterprises.

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Essay: Start-Up Entrepreneurship and Corporate Entrepreneurship
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