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The emphasis in a hospitality industry is on the individualized care and need of it guests. The management is bound to deliver services that must meet their demands. Therefore the inconsistency and the ununiformity of demands confront the management with variety of ethical situations that have no clear cut answers.

They can leave the guest with both positive, negative impressions of the hotel and the staff. However there cannot be guidelines to deal with every possible issues popping up. However the success of every hospitality firm lays in the direction of its management and their unique style of training their employees.  A research compiled determine that the staff has to deal with issues ranging from guest rights, empowerment, sexual harassment, equal opportunity , departmental relations, vendor relations, community and public relations and the balance of personal and organizational values. Since I said earlier that there cannot be one complied rules of conduct to deal with issues research has shown that the hospitality industry attempts to deal with such problems with these ethical referents in mind (Randall).

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Essay: Success of Hospitality Firm
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