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Team building must never be ad hoc and in this case it was well planned and then it was tested since it gave positive results the system was improved further and implemented completely and that is why team building at GE proved to be successful. The organization needed this new system as well so it adapted much quicker.

Team building is not fun since it’s a serious affair and the right amount of budget for implementation and also the possibilities need to be considered. In this case team building was much needed by the organization so it proved to be successful.

Team building must be a structured approach and in this case when teams were made the effect of the change was monitored through weekly meetings and the change was taken as a slower process with new introductions time after time which in the end proved to be extremely productive for the organization on the whole.

Team building has 7 important steps that make team building a success which includes having long term strategic goals but sessions such as meetings in this case are necessary for successful implementation, involving the employees in activities that they enjoy like in this case the employees got to learn more and even study for personal growth which attached them to the organization and its success, activities must benefit the customers and also the organization, the activities must aim to help employees grow and not feel pressured with the new changes, a supervisor like in this case the adviser is important to have since they answer the questions, it is important to involve all employees in the process and the new system must have a good chance to adapt to the requirements of the work place like in this case it did due to which the team building process in at GE proved to be successful in every way (Sandstone, 2009).

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Essay: Team building must never be ad hoc
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