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The Abu Dhabi Securities Markets (ADSM) had been renamed as the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) during May 2008. The ADX is not situated in Dubai but it’s the third stock exchange of UAE.

The trading floor is obviously in Abu Dhabi and also some other locations in the UAE where investors can gain access to ADX. There are a number of secondary listings of several companies in ADX fromMiddle East and even North African (MENA) region. But the trading hours of the DFM and ADX are the same. The market Indices of ADX which is an important part of the UAE stock exchange have been illustrated through a graph. The figures show the indices at ADX for 2009 (ADX, 2009).

Index Value Change Change%
General Index 2,574.07 -53.48 -2.04
Telecommunication 2,038.64 -6.14 -0.30
Construction 3,520.51 -125.50 -3.44
Banking 3,436.84 -91.73 -2.60
Insurance 3,286.08 -10.24 -0.31
Consumer 1,392.23 44.83 3.33
Health Care 1,258.62 -77.77 -5.82
Industrial 2,223.04 78.81 3.68
Energy 180.82 -7.78 -4.13

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Essay: The Abu Dhabi Securities Markets
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