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Information enclosed in the narratives classified in to data groups that sum up and explain the incidents (Grove and Fisk 1997; Stauss 1993). This technique is proved to be very useful to discover the drivers to consumers that produce, preserve, and break up relationships (Bitner 1990: 234). A single service encounter acts as a foundation of long term relationships. The nature of the impact decides the positive or negative outcome of the incident. This critical incident technique collected information buy the help of detailed focus group interviews, used as basis for marketing decisions (Booms & Bohr 1994: 50 ).

In this technique consumer are being asked about the background, circumstances, service provider behavior, and level of satisfaction from the outcome of the incident (Bitner 1990). The single incident emphasized by the consumer is actually the personal assessment of expectations in relationships from service provider (Brom & Swartz 1989, Zeithmal 1991). The narrative is not just only a discussion but act as an entity to study consumer behavior deeply.

This method offers a number of benefits like the data described respondents’ perspective in their own words (Edvardsson 1992: 432). It is a rich foundation of data from most relevant incidents by a free range of responses with in a given research framework (Gabbott and Hogg 1996: 422)).

The CIT method reveals the way service customers think about the provider firm (Stauss 1993). The CIT method creates unambiguous and very tangible information of respondents own real experiences (Stauss & Weinlich 1997).

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Essay: The Critical Incident Technique
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