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The issue proposed in this article is what Gen Y workers want and that is related to issues like work life balance and QOWL but it’s a fact that these issues are directly related to the organizational culture which is an important concept of OB.The demands of Gen Y are basically to change the general organizational culture and this forms the framework on which the organization operates but if the framework is not apt and also backward then the organization will not be able to survive the growing surge of Gen Y in the market.

Gen Y is indicating towards more of a collegial model of OB which facilitates employee empowerment, since they need freedom to do as they wish and they are highly motivated when they are empowered. This model fulfils the self actualization need of the employees which is a major need for Gen Y workers. Gen Y workers own the future and it is better for organizations to start preparing from the current state. Gen Y workers want empowerment and individualization but they need high socialization since friendship is a major motivator for them and also high individualization in work which leads to creative individualism as shown in the diagram below[1]. This shows that organizations will have to change theirOB principles by empowering individuals unlike the Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. This concept forms the basis for work life balance which is an issue raised in the article concerned with Gen Y workers. This concept of OB empowers individuals but also provides social networks, self respect, rewards and a striking career.

[1] Schein, E. “Organizational Socialization and the Profession of Management,” Industrial Management Review, 9 (1968):1-15

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Essay: The Demands of Gen Y
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