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The different types of interventions have been described as follows (McNamara, 2009):

  1. Human Process interventions are to help the members of the organization to enhance themselves and also improve the way they work together so this can be on an individual and group level. This helps change the contradicting cultures and also conflicts within the organization that needs a change. In this case human process intervention is required. This includes Training and Development, Team building etc.
  2. Techno structural interventions are to improve the overall performance of the organization by changing the procedures, technology, operations, structures and roles. E.G. Total Quality Management, Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma etc.
  3. Human Resource Management interventions are to improve the organizational performance by improving the performance of individuals and groups within the organization. This is to set goals, monitor them and attain feedback on effective implementation. E.G. Performance Plans, Performance Appraisals etc.
  4. Strategic Interventions are to change many aspects like employees, technologies, products etc by focusing on the organization’s interaction with the external environment. E.G cultural change, strategic planning etc.

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Essay: The Different Types of OD Interventions Briefly Described
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