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The ideas of democracy then were adopted by the Romans and expanded further contributing to its implementation in America. The Romans had a representative form of democracy in which the representatives are elected by the citizens to act on behalf of them in the government. This form of system is still utilized in the American system.Americatoo is a Republic which is defined by the election of the representatives in the House and the Senators in the Senate. Additionally this concept of a Senators and a Senate is directly borrowed from the Roman Senate. (Eric, Rankin, Baird, 1999)

The representatives in Roman times came from the nobility in the Senate and representatives from the commoners in the assembly. The power was divided between these two branches and they voted on various issues. Roman political thinkers were very fond on democracy. One of the famous ones namedCicerosuggested that all people have certain rights that should be preserved.  He and other political philosophers preached that governmental and political power should come from the people. These trends set by the Greeks and the Romans were carried out by later governmental system throughout the world. The earliest example of representative democracy in the early colonies was Virginia House of Burgesses which was an elected representative body responsible for the governing of the colony ofVirginia.  (DeLorenzo, 2003)

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Essay: The Idea of Democracy in Romans
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