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The impact of Global warming on the lives of population across the globe is undeniable. Much its worst condition is caused by social activities. Major contributors include anthropogenic activities which refer to those processes, objects and materials that involve human activities they are opposite to natural phenomenon. It started  the hazardous activities originates from industry, agriculture, mining, transportation, construction, habitations and deforestation.

The industrial age has released its waste, dust and gases eventually polluting both water and air. Pollution from agriculture emerged by using chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. Increasing salinity caused by diversion and use of dirty water.  Mining releases air pollution by its refining processes and waste. With modern means of transportation vehicular pollution has increased pollution dramatically and diverted the surface water for roadways in addition to creating roadway noise, aircraft noise and transit noise. Natural habitats have been removed and buildings were built.  The social environment and living conditions have strong concentration of waste products, sewage and dirt. Economists world wide are trying to evaluate the damage global warming is causing to world economy according to estimations global GDP could be affected from one to twenty percent. The traumatic effect caused by climatic changes like floods, cyclones, tsunami and typhoons create losses for banks, insurers and human lives. Greatest threat is for developing countries that depend mainly on agriculture. Such events results in mass migration and one affected state cause abnormality in social and economic conditions of the other state. To fight the issue researchers suggests individual actions, social and community level actions as well as business level actions ranging from energy efficiency and encouragement for the use of alternative fuels. The effect of heavy industrialization and fast paced live includes human negligence of nature and earth around the globe.

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Essay: The Impact of Global Warming on the Lives of Population
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