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Currently there is an increased focus and awareness in areas of business ethics and social responsibility. As a result we have new and thought provoking questions cropping up especially in branches of ethics like Applied Ethics, which also deals with ethics in Hospitality. Questions like: What effects does tourism and other practices have on the environment? When a local hospitality industry flourishes what potential dilemmas are to be expected on the local communities? How is the host community affected or how is the local community affected?

Ethics in today’s world are guided by either proper laws of conducts, employee manual, industry standards and many more. Though the World Tourism has proposed an industry wide code of ethics there is no such universal code for hospitality industry (wikipedia). The hospitality industry that we choose to focus on is different in this respect. It is not entirely governed by external roles of conduct though they do have a limited part to play but mostly by internal roles/ management styles that have been styled over time.  In this essay I will attempt to analyze the nature of hospitality industry, the way it has functioned in history and how the principles it is governed by ensures it acts within the realm of social responsibility and therefore requires minimal governmental interference.  However it is also important to realize that that the ethical precepts that the industry functions from comes from different referent sources (Randall)

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Essay: The Nature of Hospitality Industry
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