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The new system at GE is good since it has given good results but since they still have to delegate in a proper manner which is a lacking and if they delegate effectively along with their efficient team building process the factory can experience even higher productivity and also growth overall. The organization needs to delegate effectively at all levels of the organization. The guidelines for effective delegation are as follows:

  • It’s important to determine who does what best and the advisers must have authority to at least test the new ideas but obviously under the supervision of the manager in order to avoid problems. But the manager can come up with an effective process like for the hourly employees that involves and motivates employees to perform excellently.
  • It is important to decide whether the subordinate gets to pinpoint the problem or propose a solution like in the case of the hourly workers they get to propose a solution and advisers do propose solutions but a good idea has to be approved by the manager and the owners in order to be implemented whereas these are capable people who can be trusted with work.
  • It is important to confirm the fact that the employees can handle the responsibility and deserve the authority like in this case the advisers can handle the responsibility and they deserve authority as well since they are as important part of the organization working to improve the organization.
  • It is important to show trust in the employee and give them certain autonomy as well since that will motivate the employee and they will also make sure to perform to their best which is good for the organization.
  • Specific check points are important since the manager must give autonomy and delegate responsibility to the employees but check points like annual performance appraisals are essential to make sure the delegated employees are working at their best performance thus aiming to achieve the organizational objectives.
  • At times things still go wrong and employees might falter but since any one including the manager might make a mistake but the important part is that the employee must be motivated and shown trust in to rectify the effects of the fault committed (Mind Tools, 2009).

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Essay: The new system at GE
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