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The researchers concluded that management based their ethical decisions on: 1) the three main ethical precepts of egoism (e.g. self interest), benevolence (care and concern for others) and principles (internalized rules and externalized rules of conduct).2) three referent sources of individual values (e.g. individual), values emanating from immediate work setting (e.g. local) and from the values exerted from the society at large. The interesting thing to note is that there is not one single determining factor for ethical guideline but it is a carefully concocted mixture of organization’s priorities and individuals commonsense (Randall).

However the research does indicate that there is one dominant ethical precept and that the management relied more heavily on that than on other sources. This ethical precept has been termed as the benevolent precept. The precept of benevolence relies very heavily on maximizing the interest of organizational members. The principles of benevolence emanates heavily from the individualized work settings (Randall).

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Essay: The Precept of Benevolence
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