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In the weight management program, overall caloric intake is reduced to achieve weight loss. This is done by reducing carbohydrates and fat in the diet. This results in the caloric deficit of up to 1000 kilocalories from the baseline requirement of an individual and this deficit helps in achieving the target of weight loss of 2 lbs every week ((ADA), May 2006).

The caloric intake should be reduced throughout the day and it is better to consume more calories during the daytime as compared to evening so that they are utilized during daytime work ((ADA), May 2006).

Portion control should also be implemented at all meal and snack times. This reduces the caloric intake at each time which results in overall reduction in calories consumed throughout the day. Meal replacements with liquid meals and meal bars can also be done instead of portion control ((ADA), May 2006).

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Essay: The Weight Management Program
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