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Almost a quarter of all Tuberculosis cases in the world come from India and on an average, 2 million TB cases occur in the country on an annual basis. TB is the major contributing factor to deaths inIndia, almost 421,000 people die of TB inIndiaevery year. Then the other diseases follow such as malaria, meningitis, hepatitis, malnutrition, sexually transmitted diseases, leprosy and other tropical diseases. These diseases cause 258,000 deaths per year inIndia(World Health Report 1999). TB is a curable disease all over the world and requires very simply and not very costly medical procedures yet it is a major contributor to deaths inIndia(Misra et al, 2003, pp 25-28).

An effective primary health care system can help reduce TB inIndia. It is important to have awareness programs about how to prevent TB and also the symptoms of it. TB can be prevented via vaccinations and the government must make these vaccinations made available at primary health care centres at subsidized rates that can be affordable by all. These centres can have teams that can go to assisted or high risk areas and provide free vaccinations which will create awareness and also ensure that the vaccination is made available to all.

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Essay: Tuberculosis in India
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