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The Dubai stock exchange began with 8 companies floating their shares. The UAE stock exchange since the last two years had been affected by the financial meltdown since due to the threat of wars, the existing financial meltdown, economic recession and other disturbances the stock exchanged dipped phenomenally and the

Dubai Stock Market began to get competitive with NASDAQ in order to improve the market scenario. The recent figures of the UAE stock exchange are mentioned below in the graph and it shows the highs, the lows, the current position, the all time highs and lows and the graph shows the year wise general plus local index since 2007 till 2009 (AME Financial News, 2009).

Date February 15 – 2009 Closing 1495.75
   YTD % -11.57 Weekly % 3.2
   Year High 1841.73 Year Low 1416.9
   52 Weeks high 5089.45 52 Weeks low 1416.9
   All Time High 6831.45 All Time Low 792.35



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Essay: UAE stock market Indices
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