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Virgin Atlantics celebrated its 10th year during June 1994 in the remarkable history and a glorious disposition of an airline company that becameBritain’s second largest haul airline in just ten years boasting of highest quality, innovative ideas and all at affordable prices. Richard Branson had always been the witty sort and his sensibility proved with the success of Virgin Airlines.

  • Branson had always been fond of celebrities and the first company Branson worked for had excessive sales that year and soon after that he started with his own entrepreneurial venture of a magazine.
  • During 1970, Branson founded the mail order record business called Virgin and soon after that he had his own recording studio, label, night club and also stakes in theLondonstock exchange. The company went public but that did not suit the sensibilities of Branson so he shed the burden off in order to continue with his entrepreneurial ventures.
  • In 1994, Virgin Group had Virgin retail group, Virgin Communication and Virgin Investments which controlled over 100 entities in 12 countries. When Richard Branson noticed the downfall Laker Air that is when Branson got the idea of hiring executives from Laker namely, Roy Gardner, David Tait and Virgin Atlantic was created.
  • Branson did not want a simple upper class airline since he wanted unique service offerings but at affordable prices. Virgin was quick in response to customer complaints and also to make use of opportunities.

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Essay: Virgin Atlantic (Ten years after)
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