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The article purports the idea of attracting, motivating and retaining Gen Y workers who are new graduates from universities. Gen Y workers demand a work life balance and since most of the baby boomers and Gen Xers have retired or are going to be then a short term implication of giving Gen Y what they want will be that positions will not go unfilled due to increased retirements.

But the issue is to mould the organization and give Gen Y what they want since it is difficult to get them through the door. Gen Y workers want work life balance, individuality and empowerment, personal growth and gold crusted compensation packages. Providing these is a cost to the company which is a long term implication. Gen Y workers have found a safety net as the article mentions in entrepreneurial ventures like face book since these are easy to launch and make big money so its difficult to attract these owners of the market in the future. A short term implication is that Gen Y has forced organizations to think creatively regarding work life balance but an organization that adapts to these new changes shall benefit in the long run. Friendship is a major motivator for Gen Y so they will work where they have good friends and if their working environment fails to meet their social needs as suggested by Maslow in his hierarchy of needs then the long term implication for the organization is that these Gen Y employees will quit the company no matter how big the compensation package.

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Essay: What Gen y Really Wants
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