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Major Topic and Issue of the article

The article “What Gen Y really wants?” written by Penelope Trunk is concerned with quality of work life of the generation Y entrants into the market[1]. The issue in focus is work life balance in order to enhance quality of work life (QOWL) for employees.

The work life balance issues have been revisited with the catapulted demand for new graduates or Generation Y employees. Organizational behavior is the study of how people or groups behave in an organization. Quality of work life umbrellas the issue of work life balance and this shows that whether a job is favorable or not as seen by the employee. The major objective is to develop a facilitating work environment that assists employees and the organization in accomplishment of major goals. Quality of work life can be improved via improving the job design which includes work life balance[2]. For e.g. according to this article chosen for the analysis points out that friendship is the major motivational factor for Generation Y workers unlike the baby boomers or Gen Xers since their motivational factor was family and kids. The major objective of QOWL is to satisfy employees and retain them since according to the two factor theory of Herzberg the hygiene factors which include working environment, compensation package etc and motivational factors that are different for all since for Gen Y workers its work life balance, their freedom and friendship that work as major motivators[3]. The idea of remote workers has aggrandized with time since Gen Y workers do not mind logging on to their Blackberry’s to work but not necessarily while in office. Apart from the regular motivators personality factors, psychological well being and satisfaction of employees have stolen the limelight from other factors when

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Essay: What Gen Y really wants
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