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The most common reasons reported by college students to consume caffeine are to give an instant boost of energy and increase the level of alertness to stay awake longer at night studying for exams. They not only take caffeine in form of coffee and chocolates but are so much addicted that they eat coffee and even consume caffeine pills. Most of them report, “It is impossible to work without a morning cup of coffee.”

Use of caffeine is right in moderation but excessive use can lead to dependence. Due to its addiction potential, caffeine addiction has now been classified as a mental disorder. The most common sources of caffeine are coffee, energy drinks, cocoa bean and cola. It has been reported by Alfred Hill, Pharmacist at Kroger pharmacy in Columbus, that caffeine stimulates the nervous system and cardiovascular system. It increases the levels of stress hormone, stimulates the activity of brain and results in elevated mood and increased attentiveness which helps people focus on their work. The amount of caffeine which can be consumed safely in a day is around 400mg. The positive effects of caffeine are that it decreases depression, reduces perceived exertion and enhances performance. But at higher doses, it increases anxiety, produces headache and jitteriness, and leads to insomnia, memory alterations and varying degree of concentration (Caffeine). Apart from these general side effects, many researches have now shown that excessive caffeine use can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis (Caffeine).

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Essay: Why College Students Consume Caffeine
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