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All highly paid and good jobs seem to be moving to the eastern part of the world where a worker with similar skills as of the western counterpart but for lesser compensation unlike the pampered and spoiled westerners who derive their motivation from 401 (k) compensation plans including health care facilities, vacation days, life insurance etc as perks.

When the same job can be easily outsourced with the advent of globalization to the East and which costs much lesser then in the Western part of the world, however catapulting their fear of the exodus of jobs which will result in all being unemployed eventually. A number of theorists have to say that the west needs to encourage creative thinking and ill problem solving at work since the world is full of uncertainties especially after 9/11 and the western workers have learned to solve problems that are in shape whereas, they need to be able to solve changing problems and become entrepreneurial in their thought process. It is important for the western world to stay ahead of the curve by increasing their knowledge and skills since they will be affordable only when providing extraordinary skill sets to employers. Workers now need to be creative, innovative and have forward-thinking. Being far-sighted is needed and even though the western world is in the information age the knowledge workers need to keep on increasing their knowledge in order to avoid redundancy at work. Since moving ahead is the only way jobs can be created and the next organization is all about empowerment, self governed teams and decentralization which calls for creative, innovate and forward thinking (Budman).

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Essay: Will We All Be Unemployed
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