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I am sure we will all agree to the rise of emotions when the topic of women’s rights is raised. Tears well down, hearts come full with emotions, even the quietest of the lot makes sure to share an opinion and the melodrama begins. But this research paper is an interesting insight into a fact that women choose not to break the glass ceiling effect in most of the cases despite discrimination since most of these women choose to build their nest instead.

It is of common knowledge that all companies have incorporated maternity leaves in their human resource policies but often women take a break from their career too look after their brood. It is true that there are exceptions but mostly women prioritize their family. In economics, the phenomena glass ceiling pertains to events where the advancement of a qualified/deserving person within the hierarchy of an organization is stopped at a lower level because of some underlining discrimination, mostly sexism or racism, but since the term was coined, “glass ceiling” has also come to describe the limited advancement of the mentally and physically challenged, aged, black and sexual minorities. It is an informal, transparent barrier that prevents women and minorities from advancing in businesses (Sheffrian). There are no advertisements that specifically say “no minorities hired at this establishment”, nor are there any formal orders that say “minorities are not qualified” – but they do prevail under the surface.

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Essay: Women choose not to break the “Glass Ceiling Effect”
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