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As far as organizational development as a concept is concerned which is about the behavior of employees and its objectives are work life balances, QOWL and adapting to the changing environment. Gen Y has forced organizations to focus on humanistic values which capitalize on the potential of capable employees who can be trusted. The Gen Y wants work life balance and personal growth so they want an excellent QOWL specifically job enrichment since it promises growth in career, position and compensation packages. In order to motivate Gen Y it is important for organizations to adapt to these changes or they can have negative implications in the long run.

All important concepts of OB have been touched in order to explain the implications of the issue in the article on theOBin organizations. An important concept ofOBis change and adapting to change. Workplace ethics require employers to motivate their employees but change has to be adapted within an organization for further growth and also survival at times. This article supports this concept since it purports the idea of change in the way things are done in order to make way for the owners of tomorrow that is Gen Y. Gen Y is highly motivated and they are confident individuals who need to be empowered and given their space so in order to attract and retain them work life balance which is a major demand by them needs to fulfilled. The organizations need fresh blood since baby boomers and Gen Xers are retiring thus the Gen Y’s are the bosses of tomorrow so things must change accordingly (Newstorm).

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Essay: Work Life Balance and Gen Y
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