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WTO has increased Chinese exports to foreign countries and China’s increase in trade will result in suppression of exports from other developing nations like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand (Yang, 2003; IMF, 2004). The increase in exports from China has had particular effect on Asian countries and specifically the ASEAN-5 (Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore and Thailand).

But competition from China is mainly on the international front which proves that no threat exists from Chinese exports to ASEAN-5, therefore, they can in fact realize opportunities and benefit from China’s entry in the WTO (Liu & Luo, 2004). Chinese exports have negative total effect on Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia and Cambodia, since these countries trade in consumer goods mainly so it’s the other countries like Korea, Japan and Singapore that might benefit from China’s increasing contribution in the world trade after accession to WTO. China’s increasing exports have a negative effect on some countries whereas, they might benefit some countries in Asia. China’s increased trade after WTO has affected USA and also Mexico’s privileged position that it enjoyed over the US market after NAFTA happened (Liu & Luo, 2004).

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Essay: WTO as a Significant Factor for increased Exports in China
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