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Deaton’s paper on counting the poor people in the world has basically used surveys as the method research and specifically the household surveys have been used as the basis of the research. The paper is a World Bank survey and it is based on Human Development Index as an important aspect of the research.

The paper discusses the problems in counting poor people all over the world since purchasing power parity and poverty base line differs for each country and is subject to change. They have discussed the authenticity of household survey data and national accounts since these can not be entirely accurate. The paper uses previous research studies conducted by the bank as a basis. The problems with measuring consumption and price indexes have also been discussed in the light of previous researches and assumptions. Had I done this reserach I would have rather focused the research on continents for the study to be more focused since counting poor people all over the world is not possible. The focus could be poverty levels in continents and the data could have been acquired from the World Bank. This would have been a better way of counting poor people all over the world with a firm foundation. The research could be more authentic and reliable if done this way. The author has proposed the same solution in the paper that the World Bank must now focus on broader aspects rather than going for a head count of poverty levels in the world. I would have done this paper using quantitative statistical methods to come up with figures like the Lorenz model so that the data evaluated is more concrete in nature and can be quoted.

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Analysis of Deaton’s paper
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