This essay aims to compare and contrast the research methods used in two research papers related to a similar topic and the chosen topic is “relationship between economic growth and poverty.” Both the papers have different methodologies of research one using quantitative and the other using qualitative. The basic difference between quantitative and qualitative research is of the structure and data analysis since quantitative analyses the data statistically and qualitative is unstructured so it analyses data non-statistically.

Overview of the papers

Bigsten, A; et al. “Glass Growth and Poverty Reduction inEthiopia:

Evidence from Household Panel Surveys.” World Development 31 (1) (2003): 87-106. (Using Quantitative research method)

Deaton, A. “Counting the World’s Poor: Problems and Possible Solutions” The World Bank Research Observer (2001): 125-147. (Using Qualitative research method)

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Analysis of two research papers
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