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The corporation can run an audit to check its HR department since it is computerized and has an effective human resource information system but an audit will help to monitor the performance of the department and any desired changes can be implemented. The HR department is now benefiting from the client server management systems and the corporation must have a proper computerized system to keep track of activities of the Hr department. The software will help convert the data into a single format so checking will be feasible. This way the department can be monitored.

After collecting all the information the evaluation process will begin and this will evaluate all problems incurred in the department and also the way of handling issues. This is essential because evaluation help to analyze the situation and reach an appropriate conclusion.

The information will be at hand and personal files of each employees will be kept discreetly and these will include information like job description, problems and issues, performance appraisal and documentation of any disciplinary or grievance action. This should also include medical file and confidential compensation and payroll file.

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Essay: Action Plan to enhance the HR
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