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Organizational objectives are long term objectives or goals of an organization and these objectives are strategic in nature since the purpose of these objectives is to achieve the organizational mission. On the other hand marketing strategy is a set of processes that help an organization explore opportunities and achieve set goals but within their limited resources since the major aim of this strategy is to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

The foundation of a marketing strategy is customer satisfaction which is the eventual aim of an organization since that helps retain customers and also sustain profits for long term. Marketing objectives basically aim to implement the marketing strategies and satisfy the customers in order to retain them and also generate revenue for the organization. Marketing objectives also help to build the brand image in order to strengthen the brand equity of the product in the market. A marketing plan is a document that includes written details of how to achieve the marketing objectives. These plans are for a period of one to five years and they also serve as a business plan in some cases since they are detailed and have all information regarding how the product shall be marketed and sold in the market (Kotler).

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Essay: Aligning Marketing and Organization objectives
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