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Purpose of the article: The paper is about a company Rolland manufacturers that want to supply to Wal-Mart. The company wants to increase profitability by supplying clothes to Wal-Mart but inUK so they aim to supply to Wal-Mart’sUK subsidiary ASDA. The company itself is not up to the mark and does not come up to ‘world-class’ standards and they wish to achieve that.

The senior management visited a company inChina that has agreed to increase the company’s production facilities. The company also aims to be one of the preferable suppliers to Wal-Mart because it will increase their profits. They wish to supply to Wal-Mart inUSA as well. But they might not be able to achieve these goals because already they are unable to meet deadlines and produce best quality. This report is will help the management to take this strategic decision.

Method of Research: Descriptive research by distributing questionnaires and interviews from management of the organization in focus.

Findings: The Company is rather disorganized and poorly managed. The workforce is not motivated to work because of the continuous pressure on them to increase productivity. The supervisors can not control the batches and disturb productivity. Work in Progress (W.I.P) increases day by day and there is no proper system to manage the wastes. It is a common sight to witness the supervisors pushing a batch that is under process to get the urgent batches completed first and this is down even if it requires the workers to physically move material and reset the machines.

Significance: The manufacturers problems can be used as a precautionary control for the bread making business.

Strengths of the article: The article includes other retailers and their problems as well that wish to sell to Wal-Mart.

Weaknesses of the article: The article is limited to Korean retailers only.

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Essay: Analysis of Article on Supply Chain
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