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“Nearly one-third of patients who underwent gastric bypass for morbid obesity were admitted to the emergency department” (Brunk). Although most of them were treated medically, a considerable number (12%) required surgical intervention. Most of the admissions were noticed during the first postoperative year and were more frequent in patients with perioperative and postoperative complications. This clearly shows that this surgical procedure is complex and has its associated risks.Adamsnoted that suicidal and accidental rates in the surgical group in his study were much higher (58%) in the surgical group as compared to the control group.

Pories has mentioned many short-term and long-term complications of gastric bypass surgeries in his article which can prove fatal if not treated adequately. The short-term complications include infections, blood loss, thromboembolic diseases, leaks at the surgical site, rhabdomyolysis, etc. The major long-term complications noted are neuropathies, psychiatric illnesses and stenosis of the surgical anastamosis. Robyn Shelton quoted from a patient: “This is a lifelong commitment, and there are going to be days when you’re sorry you’ve made this commitment” (Shelton). These are the words of a 26 years old patient who had internal bleeding after gastric bypass surgery and required another surgical operation. Robyn Shelton has described how patients can suffer terribly from complications after gastric bypass and regret their decision if they do not have adequate knowledge about the complications of the procedure before they undergo it. But at the same time, there are patients who are morbidly obese and require immediate surgical intervention for improvement in their health. In such cases, it is not wise to consider the complications associated with the procedure and delay the surgery.

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Essay: Analysis of patients of Gastric Bypass Surgery
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