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Her husband died 3 years back and since then she alone is taking care of her three children. There is no one else to support them. Her childhood and development was unremarkable. She has pleasant memories about her childhood but recalls that one of her uncles had similar symptoms and was a known case of mental illness but she is unaware of the diagnosis.

According to her, she feels there is something wrong in her attitude and behavior but she is not sure if she has a mental illness and whether it will improve with treatment or not.

Based on the symptoms, we can diagnose Marala with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is characterized by episodes of mania and depression. It affects more than 1% of adult population of America (Faces of Abnormal Psychology Interactive). The patient suffering from bipolar disorder has extremes of mood swings.

The manic episode is characterized by elation or irritability, excessive activity and self-important ideas. The patients are easily distractible and leave their tasks incomplete. Their sleep is decreased and they are full of energy all the time and eat excessively at times. There is also pressure of speech and flight of ideas. Patients become extravagant and make reckless decisions. In severe cases, delusions (delusions of grandiosity, delusions of persecution, etc) and hallucinations may be present. Insight is usually absent.

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Essay: Analysis of Psychological Disturbance of a Woman
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