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Overall primary education has been considered to be as the most important role players in the welfare of both urban as well as rural areas. The impact of unequal income distribution in the face of an increasing per capita income has also been analyzed since it contributed to the increase in poverty. The paper discusses a pro poor policy as well. To conclude the paper highlights indirectly the weak relationship between poverty and economic growth since other factors as pointed above play a more important role in having an impact on poverty.

The other paper focuses on counting the poor in the world and the paper basically proposes solutions on how to research on the topic and the negative aspects related to the solutions have also been highlighted. The paper discuses how the world has seen immense economic growth but that have had no effect on poverty levels since poverty levels continue to rise. The regular revision of purchasing power parity and exchange rates contributes most to the increase in poverty levels all over the world. At a domestic level the paper highlights the problems in counting poverty within individual countries and at times the figure is manipulated or inappropriate. Therefore, the surveys of poverty count or economic growth percentage vary immensely all over the world

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Essay: Analysis of the article on Ethiopia
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