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Our products prove successful across the buying decision process which is a five stage model and customers end up buying our products due to the reason. Thus the market for our products is good. Our competitors are comparatively weaker as far as capital is concerned and this is an advantage for us and our company has set timings during the year when to sell what and we renew our marketing campaigns for each product every new period of the year which is again an edge.

Our competitors are rather focused like Bahrain insurance company that is competing with us only in the insurance area and similarly other competitors are specialized as well. Our company is a finance specialist that gives us an edge again and our campaigns as analyzed above tend to attract customers and help to retain them as well. Our Public relation is very strong unlike our competitors due to that the company has several loyal customers who are awarded with vouchers during the Holy month of Ramadan as our target market is mostly Muslim thus, we hit the market accordingly (Kotler).

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Essay: Analyzing market for products of Bahrain Company
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