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The market for our products is good since we have set timings to sell our products in a year which is unlike our competitors and we have a different campaign for all these products.

Our competitors have similar marketing strategies since this is the norm of the market but our PR is strong which helps to draw much more customers, we are a diversified company unlike most of our competitors and our product features differ from that of the competitors which is the major reason for the customer pull towards our company. We have considered the cultural factors by having a separate promotional campaign during the holy month of Ramadan which attracts the customers towards the organization since the campaign triggers a feeling of that the company cares and is concerned about the cultural values of the customers as well. Since analyzing the market for our products we can do so on the basis of the psychological processes of the market. If we consider selective attention then our campaigns are something the customers anticipate since our advertisements are according to the norms so customers notice and are attracted plus our customers notice the deviations in our offerings when the company offers discounts. Thus our campaigns support the customer’s attitudes and beliefs and selective retention confirms the fact that customers tend to remember such campaigns

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Essay: Analyzing products of Bahrain Commercial Company
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