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Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company was established on August 29th, 1983 and under the commercial company laws of the country this is a closed company with an authorized capital of BD 10,000,000 and an issued capital of BD 5,000,000. The company has further four companies as a part of it which include Bahrain Credit and it specializes in short, medium and long term consumer finance, national motor company WLL which deals in vehicles, Tas’heelat real estate agency and Tas’heelat insurance company. Thus the company is a large one and it requires a detailed and effective marketing strategy.

The assignment will focus on Bahrain Commerial Facilities group of companies. The marketing objectives, plan etc will focus on Bahrain Credit which is dealing in lending products (loans) only. The existing marketing strategy of the company is effective but obviously it is not perfect therefore this assignment aims to analyze the marketing plan of the company. The major objective of the organization is to become a specialist finance company. Their vision is to become a respectable company in the eyes of all. Their mission is to become dynamic and innovate continuously but they intend to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive. Their major objectives include becoming the No.1 choice of their target market, to be the employer of choice, to serve the society and environment and also to benefit their shareholders.

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Essay: Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company
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