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Car loans are mainly advertised via car magazines and other magazines as well but these can be advertised through our own National Motor Company since the customers of NMC can be given printed hand outs or brochures of the car loans available and also that the customers of NMC can be offered impressive discounts for purchasing vehicles from NMC via the car loans by Bahrain credit. This will be cost effective and it will benefit NMC as well as Bahrain Credit. The introductory ads for mortgage and hire purchase will begin in June.

Mortgage Loans and Hire Purchase is advertised via press and article releases and also newspapers/magazines whereas Mortgage loans can be advertised via giving brochures of Tas’heelat estate agency’s customers and they can be offered discounts if they use Tas’heelat’s mortgage services for buying estate property.

The overall marketing techniques of the company are good enough since analysis shows it has been successful in attracting customers. The key learning points from the feedback are as follows:

  • The market has become very competent and every company needs to keep up with the pace in order to stay ahead of their wonders.
  • Promotion must be strong and updated regularly in order to keep the market share and avoid loosing the customers to the competitors.
  • A well thought out marketing plan helps derive effective results.
  • The market is ever changing and volatile so vigilance is a necessity.

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Essay: Bahrain Company Marketing Tactics
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